Wednesday, February 3, 2021

Tritons Go! Wellness Game 2021

 Subjects of Triton's Kingdom are lost all over UCSD!  Recreation needs help catching them before the end of 2021.  Join Tritons Go!, a wellness game that will help you improve your well-being throughout the year.  To learn more about the program, and to register, visit UC San Diego Recreation.  

Thursday, January 7, 2021

Announcing....The Happiness Challenge!

 Are you ready for a new focus in 2021?  We will move into the new year with a six-week, science-based program to increase feelings of positivity in your life.  The Happiness Challenge, running February 8 - March 20, includes a weekly email, podcast and challenge based on the weekly learning.  Challenges are simple actions and methods to reframe thoughts based on science of the mind, both of which can be incorporated daily.  Some of the research findings may surprise you and change the way you approach happiness!  Find out what they are by registering for The Happiness Challenge today:  Questions about the program can be directed to Brenna Joyce, Employee Wellness Coordinator, at

Monday, October 5, 2020

Stay Healthy During the Holiday Season!

Are you looking for a way to stay healthy during the holidays?  The Maintain Don't Gain program is an 8-week journey that takes place from November 9 - January 8 and includes information, support and weekly challenges around fitness, nutrition and stress reduction.  The program is the nudge needed each week to keep you on track and enjoying holiday times in a healthier manner!  Registration is at:  


Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Six-Week Healthy Sleep Challenge: Begins July 20!

How about taking some time for self care this summer?  In addition to a variety of virtual class offerings, the UC San Diego Health Employee Employee Wellness Program will offer an inaugural six-week Healthy Sleep Challenge.  Despite being a crucial function, the effect of sleep on our lives is dramatically undervalued and underappreciated.  This program will give you practical, tangible and easy-to-implement information and action steps.  The program will include a weekly email with a short educational video, two live virtual question and answer hours and a drawing for a heart rate variability monitor (you will learn why this is important!) and cover the following:
·        Baseline assessment and sleep education
·        Behaviors and stimulus control that lead to falling and staying asleep
·        Circadian rhythm assessment and schedule timing cues 
Angry Alarm Clock Emoji Cartoon Vector Clipart - FriendlyStock
·        Autonomic nervous system balancing
·        Tools for continued success
Interested?  Register here.  Please contact Brenna Joyce, Employee Wellness Program Coordinator, at with any questions.

Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Free Virtual Class: Get a Recreation Password for Entry!

The Best Home Gym Equipment: 7+ Essentials

Free live fitness classes continue this fall via Zoom in collaboration with UCSD Recreation. Please use the Google calendar (to the right) to access the Zoom meeting link, in additional to many more options - from Hip-Hop to Drawing lessons - on the UCSD Recreation website.  All Rec LIVE classes on the Rec Playground require registration for a free password for access; this will allow us to provide you better security and an improved customer experience within our virtual environment. Click here to start your FREE Fall Playground Pass registration.  Please address any questions, comments or concerns to Brenna Joyce,

Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Virtual UC Walks: June 15-19!

UC Walks is taking place this year!  It will be a little different than in years past but you will still get your t-shirt!  Here is the event lineup:

Event Dates:  June 15-19
Registration:  Commit to the event here 

  • How: You will receive a Virtual UC Walks Bingo Card
  • To receive your t-shirt complete a Bingo of three activities of your choosing
  • Examples of activities include:  walking, running, biking, taking a Recreation Playground class, dancing, even gardening!
  • Post pictures of yourself completing any of the activities to #ucwalks2020 and complete a post-event survey to collect organization tally of minutes exercised. 
  • If you complete a Bingo and post-event survey you will receive a UC Walks t-shirt to be collected in the fall and entry into a FitBit drawing.
  • T-shirts and entry into the FitBit drawing for current UC San Diego Health employees only.
  • Please follow current recommended physical distancing guidelines when doing any of the outdoor activities!

Questions? Ask Brenna Joyce, UC San Diego Health Employee Wellness Coordinator at