UCSD Health Weight Management Program

Introducing...A Collaboration With The UC San Diego Weight Management Program!!

What is the UC San Diego Health Weight Management Program? 
A powerful and effective program with options including the Clinic-Based Program, 12-week Lifestyle Weight-Loss Program, 6- or 12-month Phase II Maintenance and 12-month Phase III Maintenance.  Programs are on a revolving curriculum:  join at any time! 

  • Clinic-Based Program:  Specialized, structured weight management through coaching, practice and feedback.  For those who aim to lose weight quickly with meal replacement options (food not covered by subsidy) and weekly support with a behavioral health specialist.  Includes individualized phone coaching for midweek support.               Price:  $92/four (4) weeks of classes (/2 = $46)    
  • Lifestyle Weight-Loss Program:  12-weeks; weekly 90-minute meetings.  Practical and innovative tools teach how to lose weight through healthier food choices and active lifestyles; individual coaching from a registered dietitian/health educator.                                                       Price:  $380 (/2 = $190 subsidy)
  • 6- or 12-month Phase II Maintenance:  Patients use skills learned in the Lifestyle Weight-Loss Program to plan and manage eating and exercise habits to attain permanent weight management.  Weekly classes cover portion sizes, label reading, grocery shopping, eating out and more.  Individualized coaching and midweek support also offered.  Phase II is an option to those who previously participated in Weight Watchers.                                                                            Price:  $540/six months (/2 = $270.00 subsidy); $960/12 months ($300 subsidy max)
  • Phase III Continued Maintenance:  Emphasizes ongoing strategies, nutrition and long-term behavioral skills to continue weight maintenance and healthy lifestyle habits.  Year-long program of monthly classes for those who have completed at least six months of Phase II but would like continued accountability. Phase III is an option to those who previously participated in Weight Watchers.                                                             Price:  $380/one year (/2 = $190 subsidy)

Who Are the Leaders?
The program is overseen by Dr. Eduardo Grunvald, certified by the American Board of Obesity, who is also involved in managing comprehensive weight loss treatments.  The health educators are certified as a registered dietitian or clinical nutritionist.  Together, educators give patients the tools to lose weight and keep weight off long-term, using scientifically proven approaches to weight management.  They are knowledgeable in assisting patients improve conditions including diabetes and high cholesterol.

What benefits do UCSD Health employees receive?  
       UC San Diego Health employees are eligible for a yearly subsidy of $300 with up to 50% coverage per program for non-food programming.  Upon confirmation that the employee works for UCSD Health, the UCSD Health Weight Management Program will charge the employee 50% of the program fee (within $300).   
  •     For example, an employee takes the Lifestyle Weight-Loss class which would be covered by a $190 subsidy.  The participant has $110 left for the year ($300 - $190 = $110).  If they choose to do Phase II, $110 of the $540 class fee would be covered by the subsidy.  
  • However, if the same person does the 12-week program and waits until the next fiscal year to do Phase II, the $540/2 = $270.00 and all $270.00 would be covered.  
  • Food may be purchased but it is not covered by the UCSD Health Employee Wellness benefits subsidy.  

How do I register?  Register directly through the UCSD Health Weight Management Program by phone or onsite.  Be prepared with your Employee ID number.

Where is the WMP Located?  
4520 Executive Dr., Suite 111
San Diego, CA 92121

For More Information about the UCSD Health Weight Management Program:  Contact Jeanette Limcolioc, UCSD Health Weight Management Program Coordinator, at jlimcolioc@ucsd.edu or call 858-657-7237.  You can also visit:  https://health.ucsd.edu/specialties/surgery/bariatric/non-surgical/Pages/default.aspx