Health Apps

With a busy workday, where most of our employees are either at a computer, on our feet, or racing to meetings, we wanted to provide you with some helpful webpages or smartphone apps to keep you accountable and healthy! Enjoy!

Automatic Body - FREE with referral code: ucsd
24 week health program with daily reminders
  • guided through One Small Change every week
  • sends reminder notifications of daily goal 
  • will offer fitness challenges (optional) with prize money
  • will offer product sales (optional)
  • supportive community 
Download:  Google Play      Apple 
Stretch Clock - FREE
Hourly 1-minute stretch breaks

  • customize the time intervals to your needs
  • one-minute guided desk stretch
  • no sweat, in-office appropriate exercises
  • get out of the fixed desk position!
          Download:  Stretch Clock

Harvest - $1.99
One stop shop for picking fresh produce
  • guides on choosing fruit/vegetables at peak
  • tips on knowing if what you are buying is actually fresh
Download:    Apple
Meditation Timer - FREE
Guided Meditations for all levels
  • introductory to advanced meditation practice
  • supportive community
Download:  Google Play        Apple
My Fitness Pal - FREE

Calorie Counting & Food Tracking
  • add and log recipes
  • search restaurants for food items
  • links to most activity tracker devices
Download:  Google Play       Apple 
Nike+ Training - FREE
Workout routines & timer
  • choose the level from Beginner to Advanced
  • choose the length of the workout: 15min, 30min, 45min, 60min
  • choose the format: fat burn, cardiovascular, strength
  • video demonstrations of exercises
Download:   Google Play      Apple
Secret of Happiness - FREE
30day challenge to think postive = be happier
  • list things that make you happy both morning and evening
  • list an item you'd like to accomplish, daily
  • daily notification to make list
Download:   Google Play