Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Stop Holiday Weight Gain Before it Stops YOU!!! Join "Maintain Don't Gain 2016!"

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The average American gains 1-5 pounds over the holiday season and usually does not lose it. Over time, it can add up! To encourage and support weight management and healthy habits over the holiday season, UC San Diego Health Employee Benefits offers a 7-week Maintain Don’t Gain Challenge from November 14, 2016 – January 7, 2017. This Challenge is sponsored by Kaiser Permanente and provides participants with tools, motivation and education to maintain weight throughout the holiday season. During the first and last weeks of the challenge there are weigh-ins and weigh-outs. Weekly emails with tips, resources, and challenges will be sent to all participants. Participants will receive incentives for participating including a 30-day Build-a-Meal booklet and an opportunity to win a mountain bike!

Challenge Overview:
1.       Register now to take the Maintain Don’t Gain Challenge
2.       Record your Week 1 weight on the Tracking Form
3.       Read your weekly Challenge emails for tips, resources, and motivation
4.       Track your weight weekly using the online Tracking Form (only Week 1 and Week 8 weights are required)
5.       Record your final weight on the Tracking Form online by January 20 (only the weight difference from Week 1 to Week 7 will be reported)


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