Wellness Program Freebies and Discounts

UCSD FitLife Health Employee Wellness:  Freebies and Discounts

5-Week Employee Wellness Program:  Weekly meetings led by a certified health professional to educate participants in wellness topics that facilitate small changes to improve one’s lifestyle.  Topics include workplace movement, stress reduction and nutrition.  Available to all departments upon request to Brenna Joyce, Employee Wellness Coordinator:  bjoyce@ucsd.edu.

24 Hour Fitness:  All Health and Health Science employees and their family members are eligible for a membership discount at their local health club.  For more information and the discount code, visit ucsdhswellness.blogspot.com.

Blog Site:  Updated regularly, the blog includes a current Free Fitness class schedule, upcoming events, a monthly newsletter, discounts from our wellness partners, health apps and more.  Visit ucsdhswellness.blogspot.com to view.  

The Bay Club:  Enjoy a 3-day VIP guest pass at this destination health club located in Carmel Valley.  The Bay Club is committed to giving you the best possible experience with top-rated programs, services and amenities for you and your family.  New members receive a special membership package unavailable to the general public.

Free Fitness Classes:  Pilates, Yoga, Pilates Barre and Meditation & Mindfulness:  UC San Diego Health Benefits provides weekly classes at various locations for employees to attend at their leisure.  All levels and abilities welcome.  Schedules can be found at ucsdhswellness.blogspot.com.  Is there a class you would like to request?  Are you at an off-site location and would like a class at your office?  Email Brenna Joyce, Employee Wellness Coordinator:  bjoyce@ucsd.edu.

UCSD Weight Management Program:  A powerful and effective program with options including the 12-week Lifestyle Weight-Loss Program, 6- or 12-month Phase II Maintenance and 12-month Phase III Maintenance.  UC San Diego Health employees are eligible for a yearly subsidy.

Warm-Up to Work Program:  A 10-minute program designed to prepare staff for the workday.  Particularly helpful for, but not limited to, employees who move and lift during their workday.  Colleagues are led through a series of stretches and dynamic movements by a certified UCSD FitLife instructor.  Any department may request this on-site service.

Wellness Ambassadors:  These are individuals who would like to create a culture of health and wellness at UC San Diego Health.  They play a role in sharing health, fitness and wellness programs to their department and are key to providing health and wellness ideas to improve the UC San Diego Health Employee Wellness Program.  Are you interested in becoming a Wellness Ambassador?  Contact Brenna Joyce, Employee Wellness Coordinator, bjoyce@ucsd.edu.

Wellness Newsletter:  Located on the UC San Diego Employee Wellness blog, you will find monthly recipes, articles and health-related information.  Find it here:  ucsdhswellness.blogspot.com.  


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